Journey through the Alps


Losenheim (866m) to Pernitz (430m)A41

4th March 2018

Stage A41

Map: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4206 (NL 33-02-06 PERNITZ)

Time: 8.55hrs  Depart 08.59  Arrive 17.54

Distance: 26.7km  Ascent 904m  Descent 1341m

Weather: Overcast at first, clearing later

Notes: Leaving the last of the high mountains behind this is the first of the four low level days leading into Vienna. The trail leaves the road 100m east of the ski lift car park. After one km this track joins the marked '01' and '231' trails. Continue eastwards on this trail passing to the south of the Schober 1213m. Join the ridge of the Dürre Wand at the Õhlerschutzhaus 1028m. Follow the crest eastwards to the Gauermannhütte 1154m. From here take the 01A /231 trail to the south rather than the 01 trail on the ridge. Contour around the Martersberg 948m on forest roads to the west rather than footpaths to the east then rejoin the '01' trail down to Waidmannsfeld 495m. Follow the road to Pernitz.

Accommodation and supply options: Although Pernitz is a sizeable town with facilities and shops there do not seem to be any guesthouses that are open in winter.

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Pernitz (430m) to Pottenstein (324m)A42

5th March 2018

Stage A42

Maps: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4206 (NL 33-02-06 PERNITZ) and OK 50 5201 (NL 33-03-01 WIENER NEUSTADT)

Time: 4.32hrs  Depart 09.03  Arrive 13.35

Distance: 17.8km   Ascent 522m Descent 652m

Weather: Overcast all day. Light snow in afternoon

Notes: In good snow conditions this can be a short and pleasant day, covering a reasonable distance quickly and efficiently. From Pernitz cross the Luckerter Stein and descend to Martahof 459m. Follow the road to Brunnhof 484m. Take any one of the several paths to the Waxeneckhaus 785m. Then descend on marked trails northeast to Pottenstein. There are both footpaths and forest roads for this section and the roads generally offer better skiing.

Accommodation and supply options: There are several guesthouses in Berndorf and Pottenstein, but few open in winter. There are shops in both towns.

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Pottenstein (324m) to Weissenbach bei Mödling (320m)A43

6th March 2018

Stage A43

Maps: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 5201 (NL 33-03-01 WIENER NEUSTADT), 5325 (NM 33-12-25 BADEN), and Freytag & Berndt 1:50,000 WK011 WIENERWALD

Time: 6.41hrs   Depart  08.45  Arrive 15.26

Distance 23.8km  Ascent 925m Descent 996m

Weather: Overcast with light snow

Notes: A mostly low level day crossing a few small hills but still managing over 900m of ascent. From Pottenstein head northwest to Herrgottskreuz 435m and descend to the valley at 353m. Head in a more northerly direction past Merkenstein Castle on the Murggengartengrasse to Eisernes Tor 800m then descend northeast on the Steiniger Weg to the valley. Continue in the same direction over a small pass and down to Siegenfeld 357m and on over another small pass to Gaaden. Continue along the riverside path (and through a reindeer enclosure) to Weissenbach bei Mödling where the trail passes under a large motorway bridge.

Accommodation and supply options: It is probably better to split this stage at Gaaden where there may be a guesthouse and a small shop.

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Weissenbach bei Mödling (320m) to Vienna (200m)A44

7th March 2018

Stage A44

Maps: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 5325 (NM 33-12-25 BADEN) and Freytag & Berndt 1:50,000 WK011 WIENERWALD

Time: 6.00hrs  Morning ski: 08.59 - 11.54. Afternoon walk: 12.49 - 15.37

Distance: 25.6km  Ascent 377m  Descent 522m

Weather: Overcast at first, clearing later.

Notes: A day of two halves: the first part is through quiet forests on skis while the second part hikes on foot through the suburbs of Vienna to Stephansplatz in the centre of the city. Follow the '04' footpath through the woods to the Kammersteinerhütte 582m. Climb the Josefswarte Tower for views of the city to the east. Descend a short distance on footpaths to the edge of the city then find a way to hike to the centre avoiding busy roads where possible.

Accommodation and supply options: Finding accommodation in Vienna should not be difficult.

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