Journey through the Alps


Bergün (1367m) to Kesch Hütte SAC (2630m)S26

8 February 2017

Stage: S26

Maps: Swiss 1:50,000 – 258S Bergün / 1:25,000 – 1237

Time: 6.21hrs (depart 10.00 / arrive16.21)

Distance: 13.24km (ascent 1288m / descent 0m)

Weather: Clear at first becoming cloudy later

Notes: The route is fairly easy to find as it follows the summer trail from the valley. Follow the valley of the Ava da Tuors as far as Punts d’Alp 1782m. There are signs showing the path to the hut. The best trail takes the route via Schegvel and pt 2174m. There are some short steep sections in the river gully above pt 2380m.

Accommodation: The Kesch Hütte has a modern comfortable winter room with solar lighting and a good wood stove.

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Kesch Hütte SAC (2630m) to Grialetsch Hütte SAC (2542m)S28

9 February 2017

Stage: S27

Maps: Swiss 1:50,000 – 258S Bergün / 1:25,000 –1217

Time: 6.35hrs (depart 08.15 / arrive 14.50)

Distance: 14.8km (ascent 844m / descent 925m)

Weather: Clear and sunny all day, air temperature quite cold

Notes: Descend Val dal Tschuvel and Val Funtauna to Alp Funtauna 2192m. Climb Vallorgia northwards towards Pix Grialetsch. The simplest route crosses Fuorcla Vallorgia 2967m rather than the higher pass slightly further north shown on the Swiss maps. It is debatable whether it is best to traverse into the hut from approx 2700m, or descend to approx 2300m NE of the hut and then reascend 250m over approx 1km, heading SW.

Accommodation: The hut is traditional with a comfortable winter room. There is solar lighting and a good wood stove.

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Grialetsch Hütte SAC (2542m) to Monbiel / Klosters (1291m)S28

10 February 2017

Stage S28

Maps: Swiss 1:50,000 – 258S Bergün & 248S Prättigau / 1:25,000 –1217 & 1197

Time: 9.25hrs (depart 07.45, arrive 17.10)

Distance: 29.5km / Ascent 1058 / Descent 2240m

Weather: Clear and sunny in morning, thickening cloud and light snow later

Notes: Descend Val Grialetsch to Alp d’Immex 2121m and climb to join the summer road at Chant Sura 2176m. Climb directly north in Tantermoxxa Chant Sura passing just to the west of pt 2634m. The best route is not as shown on the Swiss Topo ski map: take the 2941m pass and not the Winterlucke pass 2787m. After Berghaus Vereina 1943m the summer road to down to the valley offers a fast and obvious descent. Beware of avalanche tracks crossing the road.

Accommodation: There is no accommodation at Monbiel. There are several options in Klosters. The YH offers good value rooms and food and is a good option for a touring group.

Resupply Options: There are several shops in Klosters.

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