Journey through the Alps


Wald (1340m) to Obertauern (1738m)


24 March 2017

Stage A25

Map: Austria ÖAV 1:50,000 45/2 Niedere Tauren 2

Time: 10.20hrs (dept 08.00, arrive 18.20)

Distance: 27.2km (ascent 1544m, descent 1313m)

Weather: Warm and sunny

Notes: From the National Park boundary road barrier (NW of Wald) follow the summer road to Muhreralm (1642m), then head NE (following a line of pylons) to Taferlscharte (2236m). Follow the '02' trail to the Sudwiener Hutte (1801m). It is tempting to follow the Hirschwandsteig that traverses towards Obertauern, however the passage around the Hirschwand is liable to be difficult or dangerous in winter. Descending to the valley and taking a lower route is longer but safer (Tannertlalm, Johannesfall, Felseralm, Tauernhof).

Accommodation: There are many hotels in Obertauern. We stayed in the Bergheim at the western edge of town.

Accommodation options: It is possible to split this day by spending a night in the Sudwiener Hutte. However if you avoid the mistake of trying to follow the high level Hirschwandsteig it should be possible to ski from Wald to Obertauern in 7-8 hrs.

Resupply options: There is a full range of shops and services in Obertauern including a SPAR supermarket on the main street.

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Obertauern (1738m) to Ignaz Mattis Hütte ÖAV (1986m)A08

25 March 2017

Stage A26

Map: Austria ÖAV 1:50,000 45/2 Niedere Tauren 2

Time: 6.30hrs (dept 08.30, arrive 15.00)

Distance: 16km (ascent 1122m, descent 755m)

Weather: Warm and sunny

Notes: Leave Obertauern heading north on Seekarstrasse to Seekarhaus (1721m). Follow the edge of the ski piste to Seekarscharte (2022m). Head East over an unnamed pass (c2100m) and descend to Oberhuttensattel (1866m). Climb to Ankarscharte (2315m) and descend to Znachsattel (2059m). The hut is visible 1.5km to the NW on the far side of a lake. This route follows the summer hiking path '702'.

Accommodation: There is a small, modern and well-equipped winter room with wood stove and solar lighting. The door is locked and requires an ÖAV/DAV key.

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Ignaz Mattis Hütte ÖAV (1986m) to Schladming (750m)A08

26 March 2017

Stage A27

Map: Austria ÖAV 1:50,000 45/2 Niedere Tauren 2

Time: 4.30hrs (dept 08.00, arrive 12.30)

Distance: 21km (ascent 59m / descent 1306m)

Weather: Valley mist in morning. Clear afternoon.

Notes: Descend NW from the hut towards the Obertal valley. At Lackneralm (1360m) take the forest road that drops gently to the valley rather than the steep summer footpath that follows the river. (Local skiers advise that there is a better route from the Ignaz Mattis Hutte to Schladming via the valley NW of the hut. Descend to Ursprungalm (1604m), traverse to Latterfussattel then traverse on forest roads to join the Hochwurzen ski slopes at 1428m. This involves 200m of additional climbing but should enable a ski descent to Schladming on a maintained ski run).

Accommodation: There are many hotels in Schladming.

Resupply options: There is a full range of shops and facilities in Schladming.

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Rest day in SchladmingA08

27 March 2017

Weather: Hot and sunny


Schladming (750m) to Fleiss (925m)

28 March 2017

Stage A28

Map: Austria ÖAV 1:50,000 45/2 Niedere Tauren 2 & 45/3 Niedere Tauren 3

Time: 7.40hrs (dept 08.30, arrive 16.10)

Distance: 34.5km (ascent 388m / descent 215m)

Weather: Hot and sunny

Notes: This a long hike along a flat valley. In exceptional conditions it may be possible to ski along the valley floor, but with a low point of 670m this is likely to be devoid of snow in most seasons. It is best to find a way to avoid carrying skis and ski boots (send them ahead by car/taxi?) and hike wearing light footwear. There is a pleasant path that follows the bank of the Enns River down the centre of the valley to Stein (694m). From here it is necessary to take the road SE into the Solkbach valley.

Accommodation: There is limited accommodation in the Solkbach valley open in winter. There might be options in Grossolk, Fleiss, or Mossna.

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