Journey through the Alps


Monbiel / Klosters (1291m) to Silvretta Haus SAC (2341m)


11 February 2017

Stage S29

Maps: Swiss 1:50,000 – 258S Bergün & 248S Prättigau / 1:25,000 – 1197 & 1198

Time: 6.39hrs (depart 08.50, arrive 15.20)

Distance: 13.9km (ascent 1182m / Descent 138m)

Weather: Clear and sunny all day

Notes: The route is easy to find as it follows a footpath to the hut. The winter route is well marked with large metal posts and follows a rib to the right of an obvious river gully for 300m (1700m – 2000m). It is necessary to climb to a point north of the hut and 100m higher before turning south and descending.

Accommodation: the winter accommodation is in the old hut next to the new hut. Solar lighting and a wood stove, but the hut takes a long time to get warm. 2 other skiers arrived in the night.

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Silvretta Haus SAC (2341m) to Jamtal Hütte DAV (2165m)S31

12 February 2017

Stage S30

Maps: Swiss 1:50,000 – 249S Tarasp / 1:25,000 – 1178 & 1198

Time: 7.25hrs (depart 08.10, arrive 15.35)

Distance: 19.9km (ascent 1298m, descent 1424m)

Weather: Clear and sunny all day

Notes: The route crosses two high passes. For the first one we chose the Fourcla del Canfin 3040m rather than the Egghornlucke 3045m shown on the Swiss Topo ski map. Both are possible routes. The former offers slightly easier ground but adds a little extra distance. This was our first entry into Austria. We then dropped to 2600m before turning E towards the Vermuntgletscher and a pass at 2977m leading toithe Jamtalferner. Near the pass we saw evidence of a large avalanche from the NW slope of the Dreilanderspitz.

Accommodation: The winter accommodation is on the ground floor of the very large hut. There is solar lighting and a wood stove. 4 other people in residence.

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Jamtal Hütte DAV (2165m) to Vnà / Ramosch (1600m)S31

13 February 2017

Stage S31

Maps: Swiss 1:50,000 – 249S Tarasp / 1:25,000 – 1179 & 1199

Time: 6.55hrs (depart 08.00, arrive 14.55)

Distance: 24.1 (ascent 1085m, descent 1582m)

Weather: Clear and sunny all day

Notes: A slightly complex route back into Switzerland crossing two high passes. The route is not obvious and weaves through an area with several ski tracks from parties based at the Heidelberger Hut. The Kronenjoch 2974m pass at the head of a long valley is not hard to find. The second pass between Piz Laver and Piz Tsana is to the right (south) of the obvious 'false' pass. It should be possible to ski as far as Zuort 1711m, but the road below this may be cleared of snow necessitating some walking on the final section into the village.

Accommodation: Chalet Arina is pleasant and well situated with good food and a friendly owner.

(Alternative accommodation: Hotel Hof in Zuort, or Hotel Poste in Ramosch)

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