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Eisenerz (720m) to Sonnschienhütte (1523m)A35

25th Feb 2018

Stage A35

Maps: Kompass 1:50,000 Sheet 212 Hochschwab, BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4215 (NL 33-02-15 EISENERZ) and 4216 (NL 33-02-16 BRUCK an der Mur)

Time: 8.15   Depart 08.00  Arrive 16.15

Distance: 22.5km  Ascent 1361m  Descent 548m

Weather: Cold and clear

Notes: An interesting day through very wild and remote terrain seldom visited by skiers. Leave Eisenerz on the marked long distance footpath '801'. This follows several river valleys to join a high plateau landscape at Fobisalm 1400m (ruins). The summer trail is hard to find without GPS but leads past Androthalm 1556m to Sonnschienalm 1526m where there are several buildings including the ÖEV hütte.

Accommodation and supply options: In winter the ÖEV hütte is only open at weekends. There is no winter room and a bivouac in the tractor shed is only advisable with a sleeping bag. There is a private hut at Hauselalm a few km further on, but this too is only open at weekends. The other buildings shown on the maps are all closed and locked in winter.

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Sonnschienhütte (1523m) to Seebergalm (1200m)A36

26th Feb 2018

Stage A36

Maps: Kompass 1:50,000 Sheet 212 Hochschwab, BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4216 (NL 33-02-16 BRUCK an der Mur) ÖK50 4210 (NL 33-02-10 MARIAZELL)

Time: 9.28  Depart 08.43 Arrive 18.11

Distance: 29.0km  Ascent 1624m  Descent 1995m

Weather: Overcast, very cold and windy

Notes: An alpine scale day traversing the ridge of the Hochschwab form west to east including the main summit at 2277m. This is a popular route in both summer and winter. In poor conditions this is difficult and dangerous terrain with complex navigation. However there are frequent wooden posts to aid route finding on both the eastern and western approaches to the peak. There is also a large hut (Schiestlhaus 2153m) near the summit.

Accommodation and supply options: This day can be broken down in a number of ways. The Schiestlhaus 2153m, near the summit of the Hochschwab has a winter room. The only reason to overnight here would be an inability to continue caused by weather or visibility issues. The Voisthalerhütte 1654m is another alternative, but this is only 2hrs before Seewiesen. It is possible to stop at Seewiesen 974m rather than climb up to Seebergalm, but this makes the following day longer. The guesthouse at Seebergalm is isolated but conveniently located for the onward route.

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Rest day

27th Feb 2018



Seebergalm (1200m) to Mürzsteg (785m)A37

28th Feb 2018

Stage A37

Maps: Kompass 1:50,000 Sheet 212 Hochschwab / BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4210 (NL 33-02-10 MARIAZELL) and 4211 (NL 33-02-11 NEUBERG an der Mürz)

Time 9.13  Depart 08.21  Arrive 17.34

Distance: 26.7km   Ascent 1211m  Descent 1579m

Weather: Cold and clear

Notes: An interesting day covering a lot of ground. The first half of the day traverses forest terrain at an altitude of around 1400m. The second part of the day climbs to the summit of the Hohe Veitsch 1981m before descending north to the Dobrein valley. Take the track eastwards from Seebergalm to Göriacher Alm 1429m, then Turnauer Alm 1385m, then Rotsohlalm 1413m. Take the marked path '401/405' up the Teufelssteig to the summit of the Hohe Veitsch 1981m. There is a small ski lift here that operates at weekends and services the Graf-Meran Hütte. Follow the ridge eastwards until it is possible to descend the Scheibenhang to the Ebenhütte 1444m. From here there is a narrow trail leading down through the woods into the valley.

Accommodation and supply options: There is a single guesthouse in Mürzsteg that caters almost exclusively for families with children, and is best avoided.

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Mürzsteg (785m) to Schneealpenhaus (1784m)A38

1st March 2018

Stage A38

Map: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4211 (NL 33-02-11 NEUBERG an der Mürz)

Time: 6.28km  Depart 8.49  Arrive 15.18

Distance: 17.3km  Ascent 1206m Descent 215m

Weather: Clear and cold, becoming windy and overcast later

Notes: A long climb from the valley to the high plateau of the Schneeberg. From Mürzsteg follow the valley of the Mürz river east for 6km to just beyond Krampen 752m. Turn north into the Karlgraben valley following marked footpath '401'. Continue on this track to gain the plateau by a

pass just east of the summit of Karleck 1768m. Navigate undulating terrain to reach the Schneealpenhaus 1784m located on raised ground.

Accommodation and supply options: The ÖEV hut has basic winter facilities but no stove or heating. In cold conditions it is advisable to bring a sleeping bag.

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Schneealpenhaus (1784m) to Nasßwald (615m)A39

2nd March 2018

Stage A39

Maps: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4211 (NL 33-02-11 NEUBERG an der Mürz) and 4212 (NL 33-02-12 MÜRZZUSCHLAG)

Time: 4.59  Depart 08.53  Arrive 13.53

Distance: 16.44km  Ascent 193m  Descent 1442m

Weather: Very cold and very windy at first, calmer and overcast later.

Notes: A short stage descending from the high plateau of the Schneealpe into the Nassbach river valley. Cross the high plateau following the '401' path markers to the Lurgbauerhütte 1764m and on to the summit of Kamperl. Descend to the pass at Naßkamm 1210m and turn north to drop down into the Reißbach valley, arriving at the foot of the service lift 852m for the Habsburghaus hut. Finding a good route through the trees is not always easy. Ski on the track northwards for approx 2km to join the road at Hinternaßwald 712m. Follow this for 4km to Naßwald.

Accommodation and supply options: There is a single guesthouse at Naßwald (the Raxkoenig) but no shops.

Alternate route: We planned a longer route to Naßwald via the Habsburghaus 1786m, Gloggnitzerhütte 1550m, Großer Kesselgraben, and Singerin. Bad weather led us to choose a shorter and easier route.

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Naßwald (615m) to Losenheim (866m)A40

3rd March 2018

Stage A40

Map: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4212 (NL 33-02-12 MÜRZZUSCHLAG)

Time: 9.38  Depart 08.20  Arrive 17.58

Distance: 24.0km  Ascent 1661m  Descent 1448m

Weather: Overcast at first, clearing later

Notes: A mixed day that starts with an unpleasant climb on a difficult path, and ends with an ascent of an interesting peak. Leave Naßwald and follow the road east for 3km to Singerin. Cross the river and climb the marked footpath 'Schnellerwagsteig' to Stadelboden at approx 1300m. This is a steep and narrow footpath and is difficult to climb on skis. From 1300m the terrain becomes easier and good tracks lead to the Heinrich Krempel Hütte at 1561m. Take the 'Schauerstein' path to the summit of Kaiserstein 2016m. Descend initially by the same route, passing the HK hut, before taking a good path northeast to the Edelweißhütte 1248m. Descend the ski pistes under the ski lift to the car park at the bottom.

Accommodation and supply options: There is one hotel in Losenheim and several alternatives a few kms down the valley at Puchberg am Schneeberg where there is a small supermarket. It would be possible to stay in the Edelweißhütte (if it’s open!) and continue eastwards on the '01' trail the following day.

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