Journey through the Alps


Chalet Arina in Vnà / Ramosch (1600m) to Goldsee Hütte / Nauders (1910m)


14 February 2017

Stage S32

Maps: Swiss 1:50,000 – 249bis Nauders / Austria ÖAV 1:25,000 – 30/4 Ötztaler (Nauderer Berge)

Time: 10.00hrs (depart 08.50, arrive18.50)

Distance: 26.9 (ascent 1445m / descent 1208m)

Weather: Hot, clear and sunny all day

Notes: It should be possible to ski over fields for much of the 400m descent to Ramosch on the valley floor. There are then X-C ski tracks following the river for a few km east to a bridge (Punt la Resigia 1089m) leading to the south bank. A road then leads to a few houses at S. Nicla (possible B&B accommodation). The route then leaves the valley bottom on forest roads climbing uphill for several hundred meters to cross the border into Austria close to Schwarzsee 1726m. Descend into the valley south of Nauders (at Riatsch) and climb for 550m up a blue piste to the Goldesee Hut.

Accommodation: Goldsee Hut is privately owned and located in the ski area. It is 500m higher than Nauders and the best starting point for the onward journey.

Resupply: There are no shops in Ramosch. Heading directly to Goldsee Hut avoids the shops in Nauders village.

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Goldsee Hütte / Nauders (1910m) to Kaunertal ski area (2178m)A01

15 February 2017

Stage A01

Map: Austria ÖAV 1:25,000 – 30/4 Ötztaler (Nauderer Berge)

Time: 11.50hrs (depart 08.10, arrive19.50)

Distance: 24.5km (ascent 1882m / descent 1579m)

Weather: Hot, clear and sunny all day

Notes: This is a long day crossing 3 passes. Climb out of the hut following the rightmost of the ‘off piste’ ski runs descending from the Guesser Kopf ski lift. Aim for a col midway between Guesser Kopf and pt 2726m (Austrian map) and descend holding as much height as possible into Nauderer Tschey Tal (approx 2300m). Climb to Seekarjoch 2897m, simple on ascent and descent. Ski down keeping high on the right to Hin Bergle (approx 2600m) before climbing to Glockturmjoch 3005m. This pass is easy to ascend from the west but offers a difficult down climbing descent for 100m (rope, crampons, ice axe etc) Ski down Krummgampenbach to reach the 'Glacier Road' at approx 2400m. Cross this and find a snow descent (piste or off-piste) to the lift station at 2178m.

Accommodation: The obvious choice is the Gepatsch Hut (DAV) 1903m but this closed until late season. Uncomfortable bivouac options exist in the ski lift station or farm outbuildings.

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Kaunertal ski area (2178m) to Taschach Haus DAV (2434m)A02

16 February 2017

Stage A02

Map: Austria ÖAV 1:25,000 – 30/2 Ötztaler (Weisskugel)

Time: 8.40hrs depart 07.50 arrive16.30

Distance: 16.5 (ascent 1265m, descent 1004m)

Weather: Hot, clear and sunny all day

Notes: From the ski station ski down a few hundred meters to the west of the road to a marked farmhouse at 1903m. Cross the road and follow the summer hiking route 924 to the Olgrulenjoch pass at 3005m. This is not a straightforward pass. Pay close attention to the detail on the Austrian map. The final ascent is achieved by a detour to the northeast then southwest. On descent stay hard left (north). The ski down the valley to the hut is straightforward.

Accommodation: Tashchach Haus has a modern purpose built winter hut separate from the main building. It has a very efficient wood stove and solar lighting.

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Bad weather day

17 February 2017

Snowfall all day and poor visibility forced a rest day in the comfortable Tashchach Haus.


Taschach Haus DAV (2434m) to Braunschweiger Hütte DAV (2759m)A03

18 February 2017

Stage A03

Maps: Austria ÖAV 1:25,000 – 30/2 Ötztaler (Weisskugel) & 30/1 Ötztaler (Gurgl) & 30/5 Ötztaler (Geigenkamm)

Time: 5.35hrs (depart 07.55, arrive 13.30)

Distance: 12.8km (ascent 990m, descent 667m)

Weather: 10 cm new snow. Cold and clear in the morning, warm sunshine in afternoon

Notes: Leave the hut heading east and drop 100m to the edge of the lateral moraine and traverse the slope to join glacier at approx 2600m. Follow centre of glacier to Mittelberg Joch 3166m. The Braunschweiger Hutte is visible straight ahead on the far side of the Pitztal ski area.

Accommodation: The Braunschweiger Hutte is a large structure with original and newer sections. The winter room is quite basic with an old wood stove and no electricity.

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Braunschweiger Hütte DAV (2759m) to Solden (1350m)A04

19 February 2017

Stage A04

Map: Austria ÖAV 1:25,000 – 30/5 Ötztaler (Geigenkamm)

Time: 2.10hrs (depart 07.50, arrive 10.00)

Distance: 13.3km (ascent 381m, descent 1714m)

Weather: Clear, hot and sunny all day

Notes: Climb to Rettenbachjoch 2993m (winter route is well right of summer route, and climbs the glacier where it meets the rocks. Follow the ski runs down to Solden.

Accommodation: There are many hotels in Solden.

Resupply options: There is a full range of facilities and shops in Solden.

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