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Fleiß (925m) to Donnersbachwald (975m)S26

19th February 2018

Stage: A29

Maps: Kompass 1:50,000 Sheet 222 (Sölktäler / Rottenmanner Tauern)

Time: 6.50hrs.  Depart: 09.00  Arrive: 15.50

Distance: 23.8km   Ascent: 1279m   Descent: 1190 m

Weather: Clear and sunny at first becoming overcast with light snow.

Notes: A moderate day linking two valleys via a single pass. Start the day with a 5km walk along the valley bottom to Mößna (1023m).  This takes an hour. Then follow the line of the summer path to Gstemmerscharte c1950m, then make the optional short detour to the summit of the Großes Bärneck 2071m. Descend the Mörsbach valley passing huts at 1482m and 1303m. The final section to Donnersbachwald is a ski piste.

Accommodation and supply options: There are many hotels and guesthouses in Donnersbachwald however it can be difficult to get rooms for a single night in the ski season. There are no shops or other facilities in this village.

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Donnersbachwald (975m) to Gulling (1169m)S26

20th Feb 2018

Stage: A30

Maps: Kompass 1:50,000 Sheet 222 (Sölktäler / Rottenmanner Tauern)

Time: 6.00hrs. Depart: 09.30 Arrive: 15.30

Distance: 19km  Ascent: 977m  Descent: 802m

Weather: Light snow all day

Notes: Another day linking two remote valleys by crossing a single pass. Follow the Nordic ski trail southeast from Donnersbachwald to Meng 1066m then turn northeast towards Larchkaralm 1292m. From here take the marked trail towards Stallaalm 1450m. Climb from here directly to Plientensattel 1902m following the line of summer hiking trail 932m. Descend the valley to Gulling.

Accommodation and supply options: There is no accommodation at Gulling. It may be necessary to travel 10km down the valley to Oppenberg.

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Gulling (1169m) to Rottenmann (681m)S26

21st Feb 2018

Stage: A31

Maps: Kompass 1:50,000 Sheet 222 (Sölktäler / Rottenmanner Tauern) and BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4213 (NL 33-02-13 LIEZEN)

Time: 3.50hrs  Depart: 08.50  Arrive: 12.40

Distance: 19.4km    Ascent 230m  Descent 655m

Weather: Overcast

Notes: There is little choice other than to walk down the road northwards towards the main valley. The village of Oppenberg 1052m is approx half way.

Accommodation and supply options: Rottenmann is a small town with several hotels, restaurants, shops, banks, etc.

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Rottenmann (681m) to Johnsbach (870m)S26

22nd Feb 2018

Stage A32

Map: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 ÖK50 4214 (NL 33-02-14 TRIEBEN)

Time: 9.15hrs  Depart: 07.45 Arrive: 17.00

Distance: 32km   Ascent 1411m  Descent 1264m

Weather: snowfall all day, moderate becoming heavy

Notes: A mid altitude day continuing the route eastwards, traversing through forests just to the south of dramatic limestone cliffs. To start, walk along the north side of the valley from Rottenmann to Bärndorf 690m: 6km and 1.15hrs. It should be possible to ski upwards from here on forestry roads for approx one hour until you cross a road running north/south. Head east and pass through a small ski area of Admont/Kaiserau before following signs to the Oberst-Klinke Hütte 1486m. Pass this hut (open in winter) and follow signs for the Mödlinger Hütte 1523m - closed in winter. From here descend the signed footpath eastwards to Johnsbach. This footpath is narrow in places.

Accommodation and supply options: There are 3 guesthouses in Johnsbach: one is by the start of the track to the Mödlinger Hütte and two are a few km further east. There are no shops.

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Johnsbach (870m) to Radmer (730m)S26

23rd Feb 2018

Stage A33

Maps: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000. ÖK50 4214 (NL 33-02-14 TRIEBEN) and ÖK50 4215 (NL 33-02-15 EISENERZ)

Time: 5.33hrs  Depart 09.00  Arrive 14.33

Distance: 15.8km   Ascent 710m   Descent 837m

Weather: Light snowfall

Notes: A shorter day linking two valleys by a gently angled pass, mostly through forests. Walk a few kms east along the valley until a track leads northwards to Ebneralm. The summer footpath is steep and can be difficult to follow. The 'road' is longer but might be easier. From Ebneralm there is a marked track leading to Schröckalm and the Neuburgsattel 1439m. The descent to the Radmer valley is on a narrow summer footpath that is not ideal for skiing. The trail joins the valley at 963m. Head northeast for a few km to reach the main village at 729m.

Accommodation and supply options:  There are a few guesthouses and a single small shop in Radmer.

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Radmer (730m) to Eisenerz (720m)S26

24th Feb 2018

Stage A34

Map: BEV Österreichische Karte 1:50,000. ÖK50 4215 (NL 33-02-15 EISENERZ)

Time: 6.48hrs  Depart 09.00  Arrive 15.48

Distance: 21.1km   Ascent 826m  Descent 853m

Weather: Overcast but clearing later

Notes: Another day joining two valleys by a single pass, mostly through forests, ending by a huge open cast iron ore mine. From Radmer take the road southeast for approx 3km until the marked footpath '610' forks off to the east. Follow this up the Lahngraben. The summer footpath climbs a narrow river gully and this can be difficult to follow in winter. Higher up, the trail takes forestry roads and is easier to follow as it approaches the pass at Radmerhals 1305m. There is an easy descent on forestry roads to the Nordic ski centre at Ramsau 1019m. If possible ski alongside the road heading east along the Schlingerweg to Paigler 865m. Take the marked footpath '601' that traverses the hillside, approx 1km west of the road. This leads into Eisenerz.

Accommodation and supply options: This is a town with several hotels, restaurants and shops.

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