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In the 2007/2008 Antarctic season I spent 8 weeks in Antarctica working for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (ALE).

I spent most of this time working at Mt Vinson where I maintained the Base Camp facilities and made 3 ascents of the mountain, 2 with clients and one on skis with fellow ALE guides.

I also led a 'last degree' ski expedition to the South Pole from 30th Dec 2007 to 12th Jan 2008

30 Dec DH arrives at Patriot Hills from VBC / clients arrive at Patriot Hills from Punta Arenas
31 Dec DH prepares equipment
1 Jan DH prepares food
2 Jan afternoon flight to drop off point at 89.02.038S  94.27.811 W
3 Jan 7 hrs travel, 6.17 n miles covered to 89.08.197S  94.45.325 W
4 Jan 8 hrs travel, 8.41 n miles covered to 89.16.595S  95.21.742W
5 Jan 8.5 hrs travel, 9.0 n miles covered to   89.25.591S  95.34.396W
6 Jan 9 hrs travel, 9.63 n miles covered to 89.35.218S  95.41.000W
7 Jan 8 hrs travel, 8.47 n miles covered to 89.52.797S  98.03.765W
8 Jan 9 hrs travel, 9.12 n miles covered to 89.348.529  85.31.390W
9 Jan 10 hrs travel, 7.2 n miles covered to 90° S
10 Jan at South Pole Station
11 Jan at South Pole Station
12 Jan fly back to Patriot Hills

This was the third time that I had led a 'last degree' ski expedition.

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